The ‘Business of Modeling’ is a book that was imspired and written by Roy Borden (Model) and me because of the frustration we felt as a result of the dishonest and shady business practices associated with the modeling business. We were primarily concerned about how prospective models had been ripped-off without anything to really show for the thousands of dollars they often had invested.

This book doesn’t teach you how to model but it does teach you how to be successful in this business and how to avoid the normal pitfalls. It forces you to invest in the knowledge of the modeling business.

This is a book that every model (professional, novice or prospective) should have in their library. It teaches you to think about the business from several prospectives (model, photographer, art direction, ad agency, modeling agency, business client, etc...)..

Once you understand everyone’s role in a successful campaign, you will become better equipped to make business decisions that will make you successful.

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